smpl TV Remote

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The smpl TV Remote is an easy-to-use, big button universal TV remote for seniors, children and partially-sighted users and office/business settings.

Take the frustration out of watching TV. TV’s often become disabled due to wrong TV Remote presses or using more than one remote, often when people just want to watch a small handful of channels or shows.

The smpl TV Remote is easy to use. The perfect TV remote for those who may have poor eyesight, trembling hands, become confused with so many buttons on the device or business settings where people may want a an easy solution to select a limited number of channels.

smpl TV remote is designed specifically to feel comfortable in the hand, making it more operationally functional. The large tactile keypad allows for easy operation with only 4 key function buttons; on/off, channel up/down, volume up/down and mute PLUS favorite channel buttons, 1-5. 5 buttons can be programed for the users most frequently used channels. Switch from up to 5 channels with just the press of a button.

Setting up the smpl universal TV remote is easier than ever. smpl’s Advanced Learning technology, if required, allows you to point your existing remotes at the smpl remote to record signals. The smpl TV Remote will work with virtually any TV, and STB’s (Set-top Box) available on the market.

The smpl TV Remote was designed with the assistance of our senior customers. Seniors want one controller, with as as few buttons as possible, controlling only basic functions they care about, to get to the show they want quickly.

Seniors do not want to rely on others to help; they want to be able to watch TV independently and not feel like a burden asking someone to change a channel for them. They want to surf the networks as they always did without the embarrassment of pressing the wrong button and not be able to watch at all until someone comes to fix it.

smpl TV Remote – One press to your favorite channel.


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6 one-touch photo keys

Universal remote with 5 Favorite Channel buttons

Big button keypad

Big button keypad

Compatible with virtually all TV  brands “(Set-top boxes)”

Compatible with virtually all TV brands “(Set-top boxes)”

Highly durable casing

Highly durable casing