Next week is 4th of July! Happy 4th of July in advance! Below are our suggestions for seniors on spending your holiday in the best way possible!  There are plenty of activities that you can do indoors and outdoors to celebrate this day ranging from cooking, crafting, get togethers, to just relaxing at home with your favorite movie.

Pack a picnic with your favorite recipes and celebrate in a park. Look for a cool and shady spot to sit in to limit sun exposure.


Make a trip to the beach and relax in the sun. Limit too much sun exposure and find a cool spot later in the day. If you choose to stay until the evening to see fireworks, bring a light jacket or blanket to keep warm at night.


Go for a walk in the park. Explore a neighborhood or a park and enjoy the outdoors.


Host a cookout or potluck with your family, neighbors, and friends. Play games with the family and look forward to the bonding. Put on display your favorite 4th of July recipes.  


Check for a fireworks show near you. Attend with your family and see the sky light up. Standing is tiring. Make sure to bring a comfortable seat that supports your back. Bring a cushion, portable chair, or wheelchair if needed. You can also choose to stay in and watch the fireworks broadcast on TV.


Watch a lighthearted classic movie by staying indoors. Pick a fun classic like It Should Happen to You, Singin’ in the Rain, How to Marry a Millionaire.


Play card or board games with your grandchildren, friends, and family. Games can include playing Checkers, Bingo, Connect Four, Yahtzee, and cards.


Organize an ice cream social with your peers and/or family. Keep a cake and five different ice cream flavors. If you have sugar restrictions, pick sugar free flavors. Pull out your lawn chairs, sit back and enjoy.


Take up cooking for the day! Bake or put together new red, white, and blue recipes such as grilled corn with lime butter, baked potato salad, raspberry lemondade, bluebery & strawberry tarts with whipped cream, peach cobbler, and many more.


Please share with us if you have other ideas and tell us how you are planning on celebrating your 4th of July! Here at BlueStar, it is our goal to keep you and your loved ones Safe, Healthy, and Connected. We do this through senior technologies that are available on our site. If you have any questions, please contact a product specialist today at (800) 300-1724, option 1!