Getting around without a car can be a challenge to anyone. Even more so if you are a senior citizen. Friends and family may not always be available to be a reliable transportation, cabs can be expensive, and public transportation can be confusing as well as time-consuming. Luckily, companies have identified this problem and have come up with a solution- senior rideshare services! We have found some of these senior rideshares that can be used all over the United States to help our seniors get to where they need to go.

Problems of Public Transportation

Public transportation can pose some problems for our senior citizens. It can be confusing and hard to follow, which may result in seniors getting easily lost. There is also a problem concerning proximity to destinations. Not all stops may be near where you need to go, and walking long distances may be more difficult for seniors. There is also a problem of timing. The public transportation times may not allow you to get places on time, especially if there are any delays. Safety is also a concern with public transportation; it may make senior citizens vulnerable to theft.

The below rideshare options are tailored specifically to seniors:

senior rideshare serviceGo Go Grandparent is a call-in service that can help seniors who aren’t comfortable with smartphones arrange rides. The service offers an extra measure of assurance by employing “professional grandchildren” to make sure the ride goes smoothly and features an option to alert the rider’s caregiver where their older loved one is going and who their driver is. The service is largely automated but operators are available if necessary. Go here to sign up!


senior rideshare service

Volunteer Transportation Center is another organization helping to fill the gaps left by Uber and Lyft. The center is not a transportation provider itself, rather, it provides resources to roughly 800 volunteer driver programs nationwide. Volunteer drivers take passengers to multiple destinations and often stay with them at the destinations. The main purpose of the center is to help support other rideshare services, whose mission is to provide rideshare services to the elderly or less tech-savvy customers out there who still need to get where they need to go. Go here to learn more!


senior rideshare serviceEnvoy America provides senior rideshare services plus assistance and companionship, giving peace of mind to those who are caring for family members and loved ones. Envoy adheres to a strict screening process to find the right Driver Companions for seniors, families, senior living communities, health care organizations, and religious institutions. In addition, Envoy America allows reservations to be made a day (or several months) in advance, guaranteeing stress-free, punctual transportation. See if you can use envoy in your city by going here.

Uber and Lyft also have options for those that do not own smartphones, whether it be by computer or landline. To request an Uber by computer, go to ( or for Lyft go to ( Lyft also has “Lyft Concierge” where Lyft Concierge partners with local service providers to manage rides by phone call. Go here to find out how you can use Lyft Concierge. Or, to get started right away, call: 727-447-5845!

We hope you find the above services useful for getting to your destination safely and more effectively!

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