Thanksgiving is the time to sit, reflect, and enjoy good food, friends, and family. Though sometimes, families have more on their mind than just the good moments. When families have senior family members who require more care and support it tends to be worrisome if they will be up for the big events. Here are some simple ideas to help make this Thanksgiving the best yet for the entire family.

First, and probably the largest obstacle, would be the traveling. It could be long distances or just leaving a senior care living facility down the road. Either way, you can make sure it is a comfortable trip. Start by planning. Look at what the temperature will be so you can assure their packing or wearing clothes that will be both comfortable and warm. Make a list and pack all medications your loved ones may need and plan to have extra or something in case of an emergency. Specifically, for long rides, the key to success is comfortability. Have blankets and pillows for warmth and support. 

Another big part of the day is the food. Plan to include dishes that are both well balanced and easily digested. Seniors often times have a lower appetite, so it becomes very important to fit in as much nutrition into each meal as possible. Additionally, consider reducing how much salt you are cooking with, as too much is a risk of raising blood pressure. Both of these tips are easy to incorporate and will make the holiday meal that much better for your loved ones. Of course, a piece of pie or a cookie every now and again might add to the smile on their face!

Thanksgiving should be filled only with joy and gratitude. When you are home this year visiting Mom and Dad, look to see how they are doing. Look to see how you can help improve their lives and live at home longer. BlueStar SeniorTech offers many solutions to make this possible. Visit us online today or call 800-300-1724, option 1.