Herbert P. of California used his BlueStar Medical Alert Device to help his neighbor after he saw him in distress.

One Saturday morning, Herbert was taking a morning stroll like he usually does, and saw his neighbor fall out of a moving car. Not knowing what to do, Herbert pressed his device’s button. EMS came shortly after, and Herbert’s neighbor was taken to the hospital.

Herbert tells us he is so relieved he had his device in that moment. Fortunately, Herbert has yet to use his device for his own emergency, but that he likes knowing he can also help those around him. He admits that without it, his neighbor would not have gotten the help he needed as fast as he did, and left him with a good feeling that he was able to come to the rescue with his device.

What a crazy story, Herbert! We are glad you were able to be someone’s hero with our device.

-The BlueStar SeniorTech Team

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