Medical alert devices, also referred to as medical alarm devices, are a way for seniors to live more independently and stay out of a nursing home or assisted living for as long as possible. Although medical alerts may vary in their methods and appearances, they all generally have the same functions. Here we will be further discussing how this life-saving technology works.

medical alerts to choose from

Help Button

All medical alert devices have an easily accessible help button that will call for help for you. Once the button is pressed, it will be pre-set on who it will notify, but it is usually set to call fire, police, or any medical help center of your choosing. After that help is notified, there will then be two-way communication between the person in distress and the help. This someone can come on and talk to the person who pressed the button to talk them through the situation.


Medical alert devices are designed to be very lightweight and portable so that it is not a hassle for the wearer to have on them at all times. Some choose to wear around their neck for easy access, while others choose to wear it through their belt loop. Some have gotten even more advanced for easy wearing by doubling as a watch.

GPS capabilities

Most medical alerts have a GPS that will track the wearer’s location at all times so that if they need to signal that they are in trouble, the device will tell the emergency contact where the wearer is so that they can quickly assist the person in distress.

Pay Monthly

Just like a cellphone, you pay for the device on a monthly basis to ensure the service still works.

Not your Average Medical Alerts

Medical alerts are also becoming more stylish and chic. Here are a few that BlueStar SeniorTech currently has to offer:


BellPal is an elegant watch with an emergency alert and auto fall alarm built-in that works everywhere. It’s a seemingly ordinary watch that takes care of everything on its own. Nothing to download, nothing to keep track of. It’s unique Swedish engineering of the highest standard

Ranger 4G  

The smallest, lightest, and most compact mobile medical alert on the market. It can be worn on a keychain, on the belt, in a pocket, around the neck—provides mobile medical alert protection with GPS on the most up-to-date 4G network.

Which medical alert is right for me?


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