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Smartphone use has increased immensely for the past few years and the world is becoming more revolved around technology than ever before. As our seniors get new smartphones and become more tech-savvy, they also need to know to practice safety when using a smartphone just like children need to know to be safe online. Scams and frauds are occurring frequently with seniors so it’s important to realize while a smartphone is a connection to the outside world, it can also lead to identity theft. Here are a few tips to give yourself and your retired parents safe:


  • A smartphone is like a mini computer. Nowadays, people use apps to perform transactions involving finances. A phone has valuable data stored in it and is just as expensive as a computer so it should be protected well.


  • Scams can occur through text messages. Make sure to not open or respond to text messages that come from a number they don’t recognize. Also, never respond to texts that claim they’ve won sweepstakes or contest prize.
  • Don’t fall for email messages. Scams can occur through emails. Do not click on any clicks sent to you in an email from unknown email addresses. Do not download anything from those emails and never give out personal information via email or text messages.
  • Fraudsters can call on the smartphone or on the landline. There’s no need to pick up calls from numbers you don’t recognize. Remember to not give out your personal information and financial information over the phone.
  • Be careful when using free public Wi-Fi. Remember to not login into secure sites like banking apps using the free Wi-Fi as scammers may be able to use the open stream to steal passwords and account information.
  • Use a strong password or passcode to secure and lock your phone. Some newer phones also come with Touch ID fingerprint feature that protects you and your phone.
  • Do not store personal information on the smartphone such as a social security number or a health insurance ID number in the notes app. That information could get in the hands of a wrong individual if the phone is lost or stolen.
  • Only download apps from credible sources and companies.


If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, please reach out to us! Here at BlueStar, it is our goal to keep you and your loved ones Safe, Healthy, and Connected. We do this by offering best medical alert systems for seniors that are available on our website. These senior life health products can deliver push-button emergency help so you are never alone. If you have any questions, please contact a product specialist today at (800) 300-1724, option 1!