Seniors who make time to exercise improve their posture, flexibility, strength, and that’s not all. Exercising also helps reduce the risk of falls and strength training alleviates symptoms from arthritis, for example. For an active senior who enjoys exercising, the Kanega Watch makes it easier for them to go anywhere. The all-in-one voice-controlled device helps keep them independent, active, and safe. In addition, another mobility product is the EZ Stand-N-Go. The ergonomic stand has assist handles and adjustable standing mobility. It also has dual cushion support handles for fall protection Furthermore, Mom can rise from a seated position with little to no assistance and enjoy some light, yet fun, exercises! 

New Year, New Senior Exercises

New Year, New Senior Exercises

A new year means it’s time to fulfill your new year’s resolution. This year, make your health a priority by giving yourself a new home exercise routine. It’s never too late to begin a healthy lifestyle that will benefit you for years to come. It is... » Read More
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