Recently a wearer reported loving her BellPal watch because it is a “good feeling to know a resource is there to keep me safe.” Feeling safe is a normal and typical response when wearing the BellPal watch. While it looks like a classically-styled watch, the BellPal is also an unobtrusive, emergency medical device that provides on-call emergency assistance 24/7, and discreet support for detected falls.

There are too many stories about loved ones needing emergency assistance and not getting timely help because they couldn’t reach their phone or were unwilling to wear a pendant. One story is from a woman who lives alone and nearly died a few years ago from an abscessed colon. Her family tried calling but she couldn’t answer the phone. Because they didn’t live in the same city and were worried, they sent an ambulance and she got the necessary help and had an emergency surgery.

At a conference on Aging, a Texas policeman spoke of how his colleague met an elderly lady at a community meeting. This policeman voluntarily checked on her every few days while he was doing his rounds in her neighborhood because he knew she lived alone and didn’t have family in town. One day during his normal check-ins, she didn’t answer the door, so he went around to her back door and heard a soft whimper for help. The lady had been on the floor for three days unable to get help because she couldn’t make a phone call.  

Both of these stories end positively, with each woman home again living independently. They were eventually found by a random phone call or check-in. What if there were no loved ones calling or caring strangers stopping in? Their stories could have ended very differently.


As our customer states, the BellPal watch is a “resource to keep her safe”. It is a stylish watch, but also a self-contained, simple, and affordable mobile personal emergency response device. If these women had been wearing the BellPal, they would have another story of receiving help quickly and would not have been dependent upon others finding them hours or days later.

 If you’re looking for a resource for you or a loved one to stay independent and safe with dignity, the BellPal is for you.

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